Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Weather Gym: Wii Fit

This past week has brought lots of snow for us. Although we live in the Pocono mountains this was actually our first good snow for the year. With all of the snow and Riley's health problems (bronchitis and an ear infection) chasing him around outside in the snow was not an option. I'm not overly  heart broken that I don't get to fall and fumble in the freezing cold however Riley really did feel like he missed out. To really give him his "gym" for the week we started a routine of wii fit. We've had it for years and never really kept up with it. Its completely un-conventional I know, however Riley loves it. Its fun it gets him moving around in a constructive manner (he's not scaling the walls) and best yet...Connor LOVED it too! I really do think its a great way to get us all moving around together. Riley does have YMCA indoor soccer starting this weekend but that doesn't mean he shouldn't get to jump around in the mean time also. Somewhat pricey up front but well worth the investment if you've got kids that are "bored", snowed in and irritable.

There's also the free and comical bonus: Watching Momma fall over.

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