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Simple Homeschool: Q & A Friday Tell us About Your Homeschool Day
Today I came across a post on that really excited me. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I've really been scratching my head wondering what most people do from day to day. I emailed some of the big ones on the homeschooling "blog scene", (soulemama,& pioneer woman) and so far there's been no response. I'm really honestly very curious not just about peoples curriculum but the real knitty gritty. What time do you get up? What's the "routine", is there a routine? Do you have a homeschooling room? How do you stay organized? So although I'm still a young blood I'd like to participate and make my first stab at a useful glimpse into the homeschoolling day in the life.

Today is actually our "12th" homeschooling day. Although we've been practicing since before the Christmas break its only been 12 days logged on our portfolio calendar. I do actually believe in the "un-schooling" philosophy that life itself should be a learning experience, however in addition to that I do also believe in  a somewhat classic structure. (Not only because I feel that kids need it, but also because of the homeschooling regulations in Pennsylvania.) Our homeschooling routine is still very sketchy and up in the air but we're working out the kinks  a little each day. Riley who is 7 is my "official homeschooler", he's a wild card. Some days he sits patiently and loves that he does not have to even get dressed. Other days he's fidgeting, staring at the ceiling and screaming that he's bored no matter what I offer up for him to do. Then there's Connor who is 2, he mostly just tags along on the average day. He patiently and willingly sits at our table coloring or staring at us and shoving cereal up his nose. Also he especially loves playing with my mason jars and blowing  raspberries. I'd like to think he's really dying to learn too, and sometimes I think he's trying but its really probably just because he wants to be where we are and doing what we do.

Yesterday was a very rewarding but full day for us.  It was THE BIG DAY. Yep this is it. We're officially homeschoolers.

  • We woke up around 9 or 10. We did our board time (weather and date) Then our AM school work, this is usually  his reading and English since thats what annoys Riley the most.
  • Went to his old public school picked up the books we are borrowing for his first grade school year. (They gave us a good deal of Reading and English and some math work books.)
  • Public Library- and picked up our library cards along with about 20 reference books (for history, science and health.) 
  • Grocery mart- While we were there Riley was our guidance through the store. He reminded me what coupons I had to use, he helped read the isle signs and most importantly his #1 job...He reminded me to not waste daddy's money.
  • Came home and did PM school work. This is usually Math and flash cards. 
  • I made supper, two suppers actually since Riley will not eat spicy foods.While I was making supper Riley and Connor played on the Wii.
  • I sort of, "kind of" cleaned up then we read a chapter for our history work and I played on the xbox with Riley for a bit. 
  • Computer time - Riley played math and typing games, and then I helped him with Gimp (the Linux equivalent to photoshop)
  • Last but not least by around midnight we finally tucked in for bed. 
Even while we were driving around town we talked about multiple things including the life and music of Johnny Cash (Riley's favorite). It was a good opportunity to discuss rhythm, morals and history. So it was a day packed with enrichment  even in the car he was curious and talkative. By the time its all said and done we went to bed too late and too tired. My house is a  total wreck, I'm a total wreck but it was a good day none the less, its been really satisfying learning about myself and my kids in a whole new way.

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  1. Hey there! I just stumbled across your blog. I'm a homeschooling mama too with kids similar ages to yours. I think the first year is so much about figuring it out and finding a flow that works for you and your kids. Take a day at a time and don't be too hard on yourself-you'll find your way! I felt like that when I started too. I noticed on your about page that you love to cook-that's a great thing to bring your child into-plenty of math and reading in recipes!

    As for us we are up at 6:00 (because it's how I get a small bit of alone time with my hubby). We do free play till about 9:30 and then ease into school from there. We have some structure but we are not highly structured. A loose Charlotte Mason/Waldorf approach works for us.
    (I'd be happy to email you to discuss homeschooling any time but didn't see your email addy on your blog.)