Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lots of sick, with some progress

This week was a little rougher than I'd anticipated. Although we are getting the hang of this all and have set out a fairly stable routine. Its laughable  to say "routine" when life gets thrown at you. We've all had a real nasty cold since before Christmas, I got it Christmas Eve actually. The usual case of Holiday cheer as always.  We're always sick for the holidays it seems. The other day we ended up at the pediatrician and radiologist for x-rays. Riley's lungs are filled with a good deal of fluid and he's at risk for pneumonia if this bronchitis and all does not go away. The icing on the ick cake is the fact that Connor, Stephen & myself are all kind of ew as well. Hopefully the antibiotics shake this off ASAP. Although I avoid prescriptions and doctors like the plague I actually shuffled myself in there for this one. I'm pretty miserable but as a momma there's no time to complain when I'm waist deep in snot and such.

The work we did set out to work on this week I feel we made a great improvement with. In just six days of homeschooling Riley's made a lot of improvement on a few things. He can now count change really well, when we started he was struggling. He can tell time on a clock and he's genuinely interested in a variety of other things. He's more inquisitive and for the most part more patient. His behavior is incomparable to old him. Although he's still a bit of a head job and runs around crazy his overall demeanor is more kind and loving. Don't get me wrong he wasn't bad per say but now he seems relaxed and less stressed out. I really think part of his behavior is anxiety. He's become much less volatile,  he's much more protective and nurturing to his brother and generally speaking he's just happier. Over all he's consistently calmer we still bicker with each other and he still bounces off the walls and runs around but its not too bad (most days). 

Schooling wise At this point I'm really struggling with reading.  Well he's struggling with it, I'm just baffled. I can not get him to cooperate, I've got no money to spend on resources and I'm not sure how I can teach him phonics without him just freaking out at me. With him being hearing impaired the sounds and phonics seem to really frustrate him. I feel kind of like he'll be ready when he's ready but I don't want to let up too much because I'm afraid he wont ever become ambitious.
On a final note the public school seems to be kind of pushing me around about the books. In Pennsylvania homeschooling is heavily regulated as a result the department of education states that the public schools here should allow homeschoolers to borrow books. Which is really useful, I really do need all the help I can get. I've worked with the school guidance counselor and she's been real nice about it but the principal and assistant superintendent seem to not agree on where I'm supposed to get the books I need to borrow so I'm kind of in limbo for now. Hopefully next week will be our first "easier" week. No doctors,  no throw up, maybe we'll get our books... did I mention no doctors?

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