Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Homeschooler Tip: Making Cents

Although each day I'm only picking up on a smidge of information that's actually useful, in the end the little tips and tricks seem to be adding up. Today we made pizza's and cookies, we watched some cartoons and although I do plan on reading and writing work after I peel myself away from the computer its not as full as yesterday, or even last weeks chaos with the ER, doctors, dentists and x-rays... ew! At least today I do not have to remove myself from the semi-warmth of my home.  Its a good day when I remember to chill out, the little tips and tricks are adding up each day. 

I'm reminded of those change jugs we all grew up with. Each day a handfull of change is added into the jug. Although the sum of each day may not amount to very much, or it may not seem like very much at least. After a while something that seemed so very small really begins to add up. Maybe these little tips will be a wealth of knowledge at some point. Each tip is another hand full tossed into the currently mostly empty jug.

Happy Homeschooler Tips: 
Kindergarten and First Grade Math,Using coins for Mathematics- 
Kids are able to learn counting by 1's, 5's, 10's, and even by 25 while also learning about money and monetary value. Having something physical to look at and touch engages the senses and helps some kids to really truly absorb the information. Perfect for those children who tend to be visual learners. (Useful for multiplication and division as well) 

For younger children such as Pre-schoolers Homeschooling for Dummies author Jennifer Kaufeld suggests using candies such as M&M's. Great to add, subtract...and eat.

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