Thursday, December 15, 2011

Your a Mean one... Mr.Grinch-

Homeschooling has been a continuous struggle. Every day feels like walking a mile up hill on nails. I'd like to say things have gotten easier but for every great day we have, there are 4 that suck twice as bad. The holidays have been crazy. We welcomed Kimchi, a 12 week old elf-sphynx kitten to the family. In retrospect I probably didn't need one more thing on my plate with homeschooling and potty training, but he has definitely brought sunshine to our world. Riley is a very bright young man, his major flaw being his iron will. Under no circumstance will he be respectful, and at no point is he willing to adhere to any structure. 

Mini Mr. Grinch

Essentially he has become my Mr. Grinch. I say I love you, he say's "that's lame." I understand that eight is the beginning of a difficult age bracket. With homeschooling, his happiness is my burden, and mine alone. I try, try, try. I cry, cry, cry. Every single day I wake up and sing to him, (You are my sunshine!) every day I'm faced with a sour puss with a grumpy face. It breaks my heart, but although I'm typically fairly self-defeating I'm trying. I know that homeschooling is going to not only give him the best attention he can get, but it allows him to not deal with the public school drama. Frankly speaking, from our previous experience I doubt I could pay them a million dollars to even think about tolerating him. These people are paid to deal with kids but rarely treat them as children at all. He's my "problem," and I realize this. It's the way it should be. Too many people send their kids off expecting the schools to turn them into well adjusted adults. Honestly schools have become institutions where dreams, happiness and personality go to die. (insert rant here.)  I love him dearly but his angry ways are killing me. 

This is what "hard work" looks like. 

When he's not  deliberately trying to be mean he is a really delightful and beautiful soul. He's nurturing, caring and absolutely funny. Although his humor is often entirely inappropriate, I can live with it. Quite often his dark humor shows a sign of intelligence. We are about half way through the curriculum we got from the school. I'm thinking I might buy some first grade work books as filler to make his second grade work seem less heavy. Last week we were set back with a nasty flu, so far I'm the only one who's been un-phased by it. (knock on wood) Riley was in the ER getting an IV drip, last year the poor kid had pneumonia, the year before tubes were put in. 

Every Momma knows, when you want to get something done... Leave Bait. 

Every day I see homeschooling blogs that seem to all paint the prettiest picture. Happy, healthy, non grumpy kids that are just dying to learn. Although I can't avoid thinking the grass is so much greener, I'd like to think there is a huge benefit to having such a willful child. The bright side of the dark side is that one day maybe my willful child may grow to be a willful adult that can make a change. Being different in the face of adversity has done well for me. I'm pretty happy being pessimistic, intelligent and out of the ordinary. 

Am I "happy?" No, not by normal standards. My glass is, and probably always will be half empty, but it gives me the drive to hope for a glass that is full. Day after day I ask myself this: Is he happy? Would he be happier doing something else? The answer is always the same. I know without a doubt that this is the right choice. Homeschooling both of my boys will result in a better education because they are getting one on one care, and they are not being faced with bullies. (young and old) The answer to their hyperactivity will never be to shove a pill down their throats, and I will never point and laugh and call them fat, pimpled, stinky or dumb. They are given the opportunity to think freely. Raising free thinking individuals is hard, VERY hard. Trying to put them into a little box of "should be," just doesn't work out for anyone. Would I prefer Riley took the stick out of his ass? ABSOLUTELY, but being a Grinch.... I guess I can live with it. Not that I have a choice.. 


  1. I just stumbled across your blog, but I felt the need to say this: It. Gets. Better. I can promise from experience that it gets so much better. I was a Grinch at around ten or so--a very, very nasty and spiteful and borderline evil little Grinch--and looking back, I can't believe my mom didn't just put me in a box and leave me in the park somewhere. You know what I mean. :P

    The Grinchiness went on for a while (longer than I care to admit, honestly) but at some point when I was around 14 or 15, everything just clicked into place and the whole family dynamic became so much better. My mom and I are absolutely best friends now, and we talk about everything, and life is peaceful and happy again with no tantrums and arguing.

    Sorry to rant on like that, but trust me: hang in there. It gets so much better.

  2. Thanks! I know last year was IMPOSSIBLE. This year so far we have more better days than not. He's an absolute wreck some days but on his good days he's nicer and more kind than ever before.