Friday, October 21, 2011

1st Field Trip: Lehigh Valley Zoo (Smart Fun!)

This is LITERALLY the only picture I got that wasn't a blur. 

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

Today in celebration of Riley's birthday we had our very first "homeschooling field trip." Yesterday was his 8th birthday and I gave him a day off. We've had good days, we've had bad. Overall homeschooling is one day at a time. You would think year two we wouldn't still have so many speed bumps but Riley is about as stubborn as they come. Today was a really nice change of pace. Chaotic, but fun. We trekked down to the Lehigh Valley Zoo. The drive was a bit long, (an hour and a half) only made longer by a pit stop due to Connor throwing up all over himself, and a detour...and of course some traffic. Thankfully Momma's a pro and packed a change of clothes. We got there just in time to see the penguins get fed! Penguins being Riley's favorite animal he was thrilled to see them wobble here and there. Although we really went to see the penguins the highlights of the day were scattered. The lorikeets in a small quiet setting was really nice. Riley was able to experience them without a huge crowd and limited chaos, sort of. We gave Riley his little nectar cup and as the chubby, jolly little birds popped all over him he proceeded to squeal, panic and run.  A scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchock's "the birds", only much, much more comical. (In the mean time Daddy had one try to move into his hair and pick his pockets) Then there was "The Scratcher". Momma why is that kangaroo scratching his *^&$*, (Riley why do you scratch your *@%#^*?) Oh, well is it male or female. (It's scratching its *$&##^$*)... Oh. Goofy crazy goats, and a really enthusiastic ostrich rounded out the fun. Although it was chilly we spent almost 2 hours peacefully visiting the exhibits. We've been to Columbus zoo many times, and although its great fun and lots to see, the crowds can be a bit of a burden. (especially for Riley who can not hear well) This zoo was small, clean and I wasn't paranoid that my kids would run off and end up in someones basement. Can't wait to visit again when its a little warmer. 

Lehigh Valley Zoo Website:
 SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 18078 | PHONE (610) 799-4171

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