Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Online Public Charter School

So I spent a good deal of yesterday on the phone with online "public school" charters. One in particular actually. I did have two very informative conversations and although I did not find a solution for my families homeschooling needs I did at least learn a few things. There is a very distinct difference between "homeschooling" and "online public school".  Online public school it seems is an extension of regular public school. They continued to use the phrase "at home education" vs. Homeschooling. Its government funded, you use your states curriculum, and you need to face their expectations within a timely manner, and you need to still answer to the state. All fine and good, I'm not "anti-man"...ok well maybe I am to some extent but this originally viable choice just does not seem to be the answer. How is this going to help Riley feel less overwhelmed if he's still got the same overwhelming pace of work? The general outline seemed to go like this: Sign onto the website every single day, log in what hours were done, 4-5 hours per day is absolutely MANDATORY. (this includes "online gym & art", yes I said it. Online gym) and every 20 lessons theres a 15-20 page test that needs to be scanned and sent into the charter school for evaluation. Honestly the structure and routine sounded somewhat appealing, I'm about as un-organized as they come and I think whatever solution we do find will have to have some sort of check list. 

Something that really discouraged me in particular is the woman continued to say things like "you are solely responsible for his education", "it is YOUR job to teach him",  and "You are his only teacher".  No!!!!!????? Really? Thanks I hadn't really thought of that. Seriously? It pissed me off and made me sad. Why is it so hard to grasp the concept. They are my children, why should I not be held accountable? According to the law, if he robs a bank I'm likely to get hauled in right there with him. If I send him to public school and he turns into a real head case its my fault, If I homeschool him and he turns into a head case...its my fault. I'm going to take the blame for him potentially being a total failure either way why not at least take the matter into my own hands?

I've seen a good deal of buzz around the term unschooling in particular and I'm beginning to really feel like I've gone from being completely oblivious to drowning in answers. Homeschooling is not just homeschooling...its bits and pieces and cliques. It seems to me that joining a homeschooling routine is much line committing to a cult. Theres extremely religious, theres extremely hippie, theres online public school and I still have no clue what is right for us. 


  1. Just breathe! LOL! We pulled our daughter from public school last March and it's the best thing we've ever done. She's happier, we are happier and she's learning, most importatly she's learning what WE want her to learn, not what the government spoon feeds children now a days. Your kids will do fine, just try not to stress too much. We are very relaxed homeschoolers and quite frankly we haven't done a thing (formally) since right before Thanksgiving. If you are an involved stay at home mom your kids are learning from you every day anyway! You can do this and after the first few months of pants shitting panic (love that term by the way) you'll calm down and see how wonderful things are! :)

    God bless and good luck!

  2. Riley's already made improvements with his behavior and in general he seems so much happier. I'm not sure if its the undivided attention or the fact that he really does feel like he's being treated as an individual. If I'm reading him a book and he has a question, it gets answered. What a strange concept right?

    I have to really try and keep myself in check with making a point to do things on a schedule, or even "non-scheduled" schedules if that makes sense? We live in a state that homeschooling is pretty heavily regulated.

    I'm a pretty lazy person in some ways, if I can put it off until tomorrow I usually do. I'm afraid if I try to set up a more lenient routine then it will get looser and looser and before you know it his portfolios and evaluations will be due.

    I'm already pretty happy with how happy he is in general. He's always been a strong willed kid and lately he just tells me how much he loves me and he's much easier going. If he doesn't get his way instead of having a meltdown he just says ...awww ok.