Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fraboom Online Childrens Museum

Although my husband mentioned Frabooms launch a bit ago just last night we finally got around to checking it out. Fraboom is an online Childrens Museum designed to really encourage a childs learning through play. The website hosts live classes where children can interact with teachers live, and there's plenty of games interactive books and videos. Previously we've been using Linux based programs for Math and Typing, there's really only two and Riley's not a huge fan. Fraboom is by far the best online source of creative learning I've found. So far our biggest complaint is that things are "under construction". You can use the site for free or pay a $5.99 per month membership. Although we paid the membership I'm not noticing much difference as of yet. Riley spent over two hours playing last night and even with classes cancelled today I look forward to seeing how this innovative source evolves.

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